Botcamp is YCombinator for crypto algo traders and market makers. It’s a 6-week online cohort-based course where you learn how to code various algo trading strategies using Hummingbot, build your own custom script, and present it to the community at Demo Day.

By the end of the program, you’ll be equipped with the skills to create market making, DEX arbitrage, and other algo trading strategies.

Here’s what you'll get:

  • 8 Live Sessions: hands-on coding, interactive quizzes, and office hours
  • 5 1-1 Mentor Sessions with Botcamp mentors for 1-on-1 coaching to help you complete your custom script
  • 4 Content Modules (8+ hours of video) with step-by-step instructions on coding various types of algo trading strategies
  • Botcamp Graduate certificate for completing the Botcamp course
  • Hummingbot Developer NFT certificate and $HBOT rewards for submitting a qualifying Demo Day script
  • Optional Coding Challenges to help you learn advanced scripting techniques
  • Access to 1-1 Support Sessions to help you set up Hummmingbot
  • Botcamp Events: members-only networking events and access to private Discord channels to grow you professional network

Who Botcamp is for

Algo Traders

Automate your trading strategies and discover techniques used by the pros

Token Projects

Learn how to run market making and DEX arbitrage bots to power your token's liquidity

Industry Professionals

Get certified as a Hummingbot developer and grow your network via the Botcamp community

Botcamp members work at

Hear from past students

Alkalifah, Founder

Watch testimonial video

"I only studied computer science for two years and never had a full-time coding job, yet I was able to build a trading strategy that I'm proud of. Thanks to Botcamp, I'm now starting a crypto trading startup with my friend!"

Vik, Mom + Algo Trader

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"Coding was just a hobby, but then I found that I can make money from it. Now, I run Hummingbot to support my family's needs!"

Makir, Trader

Watch testimonial video

“If you’re new to crypto trading, Botcamp can be a great starting point - it covers everything from order book API connectivity to coding trading strategies and so much more!”

Meet your instructors

Fede Cardoso

CTO, Hummingbot Foundation

Fede leads engineering for Hummingbot and has experience in HFT market making, machine learning, and big data.

Previously, he worked as a quant at hedge fund CTF Capital and Pepsi, where he led a 160-person team of two production lines at PepsiCo.

Fede lives in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

LinkedIn | Twitter | Github

Michael Feng

Board member, Hummingbot Foundation

In 2019, Michael co-founded Hummingbot in order to democratize market making with open source software.

Today, he focuses on the user experience and blockchain engineering aspects of Hummingbot. Previously, Michael founded doxIQ (acquired by Nitro Software) and structured credit derivatives for Citigroup and JPMorgan.

Michael lives in Sunnyvale, California.

LinkedIn | Twitter | Github

Your Membership Includes

Live Instruction

Eight (8) Live Sessions with hands-on coding, interactive quizzes, and office hours. All sessions are recorded.

1-1 Mentorship

Five (5) 1-1 Sessions with expert mentors with different specialities to help you with individualized coaching.

Content Library

Four (4) Modules with 8+ hours of video with step-by-step instructions on coding various trading strategies.

Curriculum by Week

5-10 hours per week

1️⃣ Basic Training

Learn algo trading basics and how to code simple scripts in Hummingbot

2️⃣ Market Making Strategies

Theory and practice of two-sided market making strategies, along with hedging techniques like cross-hedge market making.

3️⃣ Directional Strategies

Use Hummingbot’s new Candles Feed and PositionExecutor modules to create custom signal-based directional strategies

4️⃣ CEX/DEX Strategies

Use Hummingbot’s Gateway module to create strategies that exploit differences between centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX)

6️⃣ Demo Day 🎓

Botcamp members showcase the scripts they have built, and alumni vote for the top ones who receive HBOT token rewards


Describe Botcamp in a nutshell.

Botcamp is YCombinator for algo traders and market makers. It’s a 6-week, intensive online course where you learn how to code various algo trading strategies using Hummingbot, build your own custom script, and present it to Botcamp community at Demo Day to earn rewards.

What happens if I can’t make a live session?

Botcamp is designed to allow students to attend from anywhere.

All live sessions are held at 2pm UTC time, a time that should allows participants from Europe, Asia, and Americas to join. All sessions are live recorded and you are able to watch that afterwards.

All content modules and live session recordings are available for you as long as your Botcamp membership is active.

I work full-time - what’s the expected time commitment?

Botcamp is an intensive course. Students who have earned the Hummingbot Developer certificate by presenting a Demo Day script during their initial Botcamp cohort have typically spent 5-10 hours per week on the course.

That said, all sessions are recorded, and you are welcome to defer submission of your script to a future Demo Day to earn your certificate as long as you are an active Botcamp member.

What’s the refund and cancellation policy?

It’s understandable that plans can change. You can cancel up to 2 weeks before the course starts for a full refund. A 20% cancellation fee will apply up to the first live session. No refunds will be granted for cancellations made after the first live session.

Can I defer my enrollment until a future cohort?

You can defer your enrollment to the next cohort with no charge up to until the first live session. After the first live session, we will charge a 20% fee to members who defer until the next cohort.

Do I need coding experience to take Botcamp?

Our course requires only basic knowledge in coding. Members will be creating scripts like the ones in the Hummingbot scripts folder. Can you read the Python code in these scripts and understand basically what they are doing? If so, you should have sufficient coding skills to succeed in Botcamp.

Are group membership discounts available?

Yes, we offer discounts for teams signing up as a group! Email [email protected] and provide information about your team size more information about discounts.

How long will I have access to the course content?

As you have an active Botcamp membership, you will have access to the content modules and live session recordings. Lifetime Botcamp members have lifetime access.

Will the program have non-English content?

The primary course content is in English, but certain Botcamp mentors are fluent in other languages such as Mandarin and Russian and may offer assistance during 1:1 sessions.

Can I get reimbursed by my company?

We can provide you with an invoice. Some companies offer learning budgets and you may be able to expense the program from your company depending on your company policies.

What happens after students graduate Botcamp?

Past Botcamp students have:

  • Landed a trading job at a crypto market making firm
  • Ran a market making bot for their own token
  • Built a consistently profitable trading strategy
  • Partnered with other Botcamp members to work on projects together
  • Become a mentor in future Botcamp cohorts

What are some scripts created by Botcamp members?

Botcamp members have created many of the growing library of example scripts in the Hummingbot codebase.

How does Botcamp mentorship work?

During the 6-week cohort, there 8 Live Sessions with our instructors where you can ask questions about your script design or algo trading in general. These sessions are recorded.

You also get 5 1-1 Mentor Sessions with expert mentors to help you build your custom script. You can book these mentor sessions anytime during your Botcamp membership.